Thousands of Desires’ Book Launch

Countless crumbled ideas tossed in the bin, endless editing and 27 meltdowns later, Thousands of Desires is finally ready to be devoured. Daastan takes pride in announcing the Book Launch of Ali Sheikh’s masterpiece. So make some space on your bookshelves because you would not want to miss it! You can now get your copy of the book from Qissa!

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About ‘Thousands of Desires’ by Ali Sheikh

Ali Sheikh is an author, lecturer and motivational speaker currently studying architecture and design studies at the University of Liverpool. He aims to be a voice for those supressed by patriarchy. To eliminate the unrealistic cultural practices of the society is his aim. Especially for the transgender, women and people suffering from mental health issues. ‘Thousands of Desires’ does a remarkable job of highlighting these issues by raising awareness through s a great story with female leads.

Book Launch event in Islamabad

On 26th of August, a book launch event was arranged for the release of ‘Thousands of Desires’ in Islamabad, Pakistan. Our diverse guest panel included literary fanatics from Lahore and Islamabad. They indulged in philosophical discussions about the cultural norms in our society.

Dr Shaheena Ayub Bhatti and Ali Sheikh at Book Launch of Thousands of desires

The Panel included Ms. Nayyab Ali an international award winning transgender rights activist who is currently working at UNDP. We were also joined by Dr. Shaheena Ayub Bhatti (Professor of English and Director Women Research and Resource centre at Fatima Jinnah Women University), Ms Kanwal Khoosat (Executive Director at Olomopolo Media) and many other talented individuals!

Kanwal Khoosat and Ali Sheikh at book launch of Thousand of Desires

Dr Shaheena Ayub talked about how the cultural treatment of Transgenders is so deeply embodied in the minds of individuals living in our society. She emphasised on creating maximum awareness to break these stereotypes. Ms. Aliya Naseer Farooq also interacted with the audience through talking about the shared struggles of writing and publishing so plainly.

Publishing with Daastan

Daastan came into being around 6 years ago and has published about 10,000 books from 17 different countries ever since. We, at Daastan, intend to provide a platform for writers who want their voices to be heard and their stories put out there for the world to see! With our encouragement and support, we believe that you too, can launch your book. So Sign up at Daastan and we’ll get in touch in with you!

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