Naqsh Sarhad Paar Sey

Naqsh Sarhad Paar Sey

Naqsh Sarhad Paar Sey – An Indo-Pak Photography Contest is in continuation of Chitthi Sarhad Paar sey, a letter writing campaign to build peace across borders. This year, we are looking for photographers to capture mesmerizing moments with lens on the following themes

Naqsh Sarhad Paar Sey Theme #1 Life

Through your creativity bring a fresh insight into what is Life to you! How would you define it? Is it a smiling baby or a budding flower?  

2. Folk Arts

Naqsh Sarhad Paar Sey Theme #1 Folk Arts

The sub-continent is renowned for its rich folk history. Showcase the beauty of folk arts, be it dancing, theatre, henna stalls or the colours of holi.

3. Heritage

Naqsh Sarhad Paar Sey Theme # 3 Heritage

We are all guilty of bragging about a Mughal era building in our city to our diasporic extended family. The richest culture of any city lies near these heritage sites. Send us pictures of these beautiful places that reflect our city lives.

4. Landscapes

Naqsh Sarhad Paar Sey Theme # 4 Landscapes

From scenic beaches to sprawling deserts and towering mountains, our region is a home to diverse landscapes and cultures. Submit photographs to show the unseen wonders to the world.

Who will adjudicate Naqsh Photography Contest?

Seemab Saqib Khan

Seemab Saqib Khan is a Photographer and social worker. After graduating from National College of Arts, she is now working as a fashion photographer in Pakistan. Beside being a full time photographer, Seemab runs an NGO by the name of Saqib Khan Foundation. Learn more about her work below.

Natasha Zubair

Natasha Zubair is a National College of Arts Graduate who is pursuing her career in photography. Natasha has made her name as a fashion photographer in the past year. She has her own stationery brand called @natashazubairstationery. Check out Natasha’s work on her Instagram below!

What do the Naqsh winners get?


100 photographs would form a coffee-table book that would be available for sale worldwide


Virtual and on-ground exhibition in India and Pakistan at different cities


An author copy and a digital certificate of appreciation for the submission