Da’ Knights Club – Volume I

 Da’ Knights Club is the latest innovative project by Daastan. For years now, Daastan has made its name in the literary industry of Pakistan and continues to do so. It has also laid the foundations of literary revival in the country. Da’ Knights Club is a fruit of those efforts. To find out what Da’ Knights Club is and catch a glimpse of Volume I, stay tuned! 

What is Da’ Knights Club? 

Da’ Knights Club is a literary meet-up that showcases emerging talent of Pakistan. Therefore, on 31st January many indigenous authors gathered at Cafe Sol to promote their books. Over a cup of coffee and melt-in-mouth brownies, an evening of literary goodness took place. 

Da' Knights Club
Noor Sheikh & Samar Akhter

Authors featured by Da’ Knights Club 

We would like to believe that our event was a success. The team at Daastan puts their heart & soul into bringing you these creative opportunities and experiences. Moreover, the authors were kind enough to give us their feedback. So here’s a sneak peek of what they think about Da’ Knights Club! 

Noor ul Huda Tahir – Host at Da’ Knights Club

Noor-ul-Huda Tahir is our Marketing Associate. She hosted the Volume I of Da’ Knights Club. Noor is also an aspiring writer who is publishing her first poetry & prose collection from the platform of Daastan. 

Da' Knights Club
Noor ul Huda Tahir reciting poetry at Volume I

“It was my first event at Daastan that I hosted. I got to interview a diverse group of creatives who interacted with each other in such harmony.These kind of events are a great way to gather an audience in a place; that is needed to teach our young people regarding how to have productive conversations with people of different opinions.”

Alyan Khan 

Our first author is a powerhouse of talent. At the tender age of 18, Alyan Khan became an independent writer, theatre actor and youth activist. He is the author of the book “The Seven Venoms.” He is currently working on his novel (we’re excited for it!!). Alyan is also leading Kids Rights Foundation, Netherland’ Pakistan Chapter. 

Da’ Knights Club
Alyan Khan , author of The Seven Venoms

“I’ve felt books are often unrequited in some ways. But having your audience right in front of you is a whole new experience, both for the readers and writers alike. We need more of such connections.”

Samar Akhter 

Samar Akhter is the founder of The Holistic Heaven. She is an expert on the arts of holistic living. Her vision is to help people test the bounds of their own imagination and manifest a life of their dreams. She is an advocate for authentic living who has helped thousands live up to their full potential. You can find her self-help products here.

“It was a beautifully structured workshop. Such platforms are needed to be provided more often- for both authors who can give an insight into why they wrote what they did & also for people to uncover their own passion to consider getting into the art of storytelling.”

Noor Sheikh 

Noor Sheikh is a university teacher by profession and a researcher on identity politics and forced migrations. Her book “How to survive your 20s” is a coming of age satire that is a must read. 

“It was a very engaging session indeed. I loved hearing the views and questions of young people around culture, politics and art and how eager they all were to get answers. Thanks Daastan and Omer in particular for this event. And bravo to all fellow authors.”

Da’ Knights Club
Moneeb Mazhar along Noor Sheikh & Alyan Khan

Moneeb Mazhar 

Meet Moneeb! Moneeb has a master’s degree in Peace & Conflict studies. Zindagi is his first book. Currently, he is focusing on his writing career.

“The experience was really good. I really enjoyed the question answer session.Learned a lot from fellow authors and was really thankful to Omar Bhai and the Daastan team for the event.Thank you!”

Khedija Suhail

Khedija is a literary soul who was introduced to the world of books at the age of 8. Since then, she has been an avid reader. Fiction is her favourite genre. Khedija got her bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies from Fatima Jinnah University. In addition, she has written a beautiful poetry book that reflects her life.

“The experience of getting to know your audience and seeing different authors was very refreshing. As a result, I’m also motivated to start writing more soon.”

We at Daastan thank all of you for making Volume I a huge success! We thrive to bring to you the besr literary experiences and hope to see more readers and writers enagaging in the years to come. If you are passionate about our cause, join us now and become our member!

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Noor Hashmi
Noor Hashmi is a student of literature at Numl University. She is an aspiring poetess. She runs a blog by the name of “Diaries of Huda” sharing her journey through poetry. In her free time, she loves to paint and bake.

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