Daastan Signs Senior Author – Aslam Bazmi

Daastan’s founder Mr Ommer Amer recently met a renowned author, Aslam Bazmi. Ommer introduced the idea of self-publishing and shared with him the achievements and accomplishments of Daastan over 6 years of continuous hard work. Daastan since the beginning of 2020 has introduced a premium model where Authors are guaranteed quality work and extensive marketing to make sure that their books are known. The premium model has allowed Daastan to improve our services, quality of work and monthly activities.

Mr. Aslam Bazmi

Mr. Aslam Bazmi, is a renowned Academician, Author, Editor, Mentor and Social Worker who has established his credentials over the past four decades. He has served as an editor of several PAF Magazines, most notably Shaheen. His articles have also featured in premier national English dailies: The News, The Nation, Dawn and The Pakistan Observer. Mr. Bazmi enjoys sound proficiency in editing and translating (Urdu and English) academic books and texts of various nature.

Aslam Bazmi
Aslam Bazmi

In the 1980s, he worked as the co-translator for producing Urdu version of PAF’ s first official history. He also had the honor of rendering into Urdu some unclassified documents of UNDP, Pakistan. As of late, he was recruited by PAF-IAST University, Haripur to review and edit their prospectus. During his long service in PAF’ s education branch, he served on some key tasks which notably include: Head of Humanities Department, Directorate of Studies, Deputy Secretary to Chief of the Air Staff, Director of Education and Assistant Chief of the Air Staff ( Education). Whilst on NUST faculty, he made his mark as the most published author in THE NUSTIAN. Currently, he is working on three new books which he plans to publish with Daastan.

Apart from Mr Aslam Bazmi, Ommer also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Asif Syed. Mr. Asif discussed the possibility of opening Daastan’s office abroad.

Mr Asif Syed

Mr. Asif Syed possesses impeccable professional experience in the corporate and franchise restaurant and food industry. Having a successful track record of successfully leading diverse teams around the globe, he specializes in operations excellence, business turnaround, scaling, new market and country entry, food safety, technology, logistics, sales, and customer service. Mr Asif suggested Ommer to open up Daastan’s office abroad to extend services to Pakistanis living abroad.

We will soon be announcing Mr Aslam Bazmi’s upcoming book. We throroughly enjoyed our insightful discussion with these men. We hope to keep learning and engaging with likeminded people to further our mission of putting a book in every hand. If you support our cause, Join us today!

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Samin Qureshi
Samin Qureshi is an undergraduate Art student at NCA following her passion for writing through various online avenues. Samin takes a keen interest in empowering women and advocating for their rights. In her free time, Samin loves to cook and listen to old music.

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