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Qissa Goi, is a collaborative initiative brought forward by Daastan and Movers that
represents a search for literary souls all across the world. The virtual finale event was hosted by our CEO, Syed Omer Amer along with the Youth Community Engagement Assistant Li Shi, where aspiring individuals from different corners of the world shared their poetry pieces. This led to an interactive live session filled with exchange of smiles, personal experiences and a shared passion for literature.

Art Imitates Life – Qissa Goi

Art imitates life, we have often heard of it but through Qissa Goi, we came to see this expression manifest itself into reality. One of the themes of the initiative was “Different is beautiful”. Getting to experience poetic works of individuals of different backgrounds seemed like a tapestry woven with different threads, each unique, beautiful and contributing to the bigger picture; hence the theme of beauty in diversity coming to life.

Now without further ado let’s be mesmerized by the spoken word poetry and the inspirations that led to their creation as shared by the poets themselves. They began with briefly introducing themselves and reciting their creative and heartfelt poetry pieces.

Maria Pellosis and Her Seed of life

Maria is a Filipina living in Cambodia, an Educator by profession , a fellow Mover and much more. Maria shares a funny incident on how she spontaneously hit upon this idea for her poem. A white board, a marker, a phone camera and surge of inspiration – that’s all it took for her to creatively craft a poem about our lives being an extension of each other with the metaphor of seed at its centre. She further adds how this concept of farmer and seed was embedded in her mind in terms of a nurturing environment while being a member of Movers. Listening to her poetry , Syed Omer emphasizes on the importance and beauty of creativity emerging from simple ideas.

Zoha’s Take on Vulnerability

Zoha Khalid joined us all the way from Canada. By profession she’s a social scientist but she describes herself as a poet at heart. Zoha’s poem is a reflection of her kind and sensitive personality. Her poem is a walk through the garden of life where multiplicity of themes regarding human pain are discussed, but amidst all that chaos; she has her eyes set on hope and the possibility of a better future.

In addition to her heart warming poem, Syed Ommer shares how he believes that at the end of the day; “it all comes down to the rawness of feelings and emotions of humans”.

Kay and a bench of Epiphanies

Kesevan “Kay” Veloo is an IT enthusiast and a fellow Mover. His poem is relatable for people with multiple ethnic backgrounds. Being born of an Indian Father, Chinese Mother and having a Malay identity because of facial features; Kay understands the struggle of finding one’s own self and not fitting in. When he started reciting his poem one could feel, the enigma of a child feeling foreign in his surroundings. In conversation with Ommer, he probes the matter of racism as something that is induced in humans through conditioning and further revives the poem by a message of empathy for all alike. The bench he describes in his poem can be a special memory for him, he puts it somewhat along the lines of “a journey of many years covered before reaching the understanding that he was meant to stand out, not fit in”.

Samira’s poetic dedication to Movers

Samira Akhter Siyam is also a fellow Mover, member of British Council and an undergrad student of food and nutrition. Her poem “spans of feelings” is an ode to the diverse human emotions. She sums up the themes of her poem in the following words , “to spread happiness”, such an innocent and thoughtful endeavour . She ends her poem by paying tribute to Movers and its cause.

Noman’s conversation with society: an insight to beauty

Noman Saleem is a student of literature and linguistics from Peshawar who is passionate about writing. Among other things he loves playing snooker and chess. He is also a nationwide winner for the best short story. Noman’s depiction of beauty in the poem is vivid and draws parallels between the superficial standards and the true sense of beauty. The poem is a raw venture through the different questions that arise in one’s mind being a part of today’s society. In his poem he converses with society hoping to know what beauty means and is met with answers that are materialistic in nature.

A thought provoking dialogue erupted from his poem to which Syed Ommer contributed, “It is a stark reality that no one usually talks about. No matter how much human we try to be; knowingly or unknowingly we all often prioritize material things over others. I have seen that happening in relationships and in marriages. And it is something we really need to change”.

Qissa Goi, all in all proved to be a refreshing experience with underlying social messages and a safe space for creative minds. Visit Daastan today and get a chance to participate in similar literary activities!

Noor Hashmi
Noor Hashmi is a student of literature at Numl University. She is an aspiring poetess. She runs a blog by the name of “Diaries of Huda” sharing her journey through poetry. In her free time, she loves to paint and bake.

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