Six Murders In Seattle by Ekam Singh and Leyla Younas

Ekam Singh and Leyla Younus are those young writers, who know how to make their mark in the world of literature. Their writing style will blow your mind. They know how to attract the readers’ attention through their eloquent dialogues.

Six Murders in Seattle is a marvel of these superbly talented writers. In this book, they narrate a full suspense story about six back-to-back murders in a city called Seattle, and when the crime department could not able to handle this same pattern of murders, they asked for the officer, whose reputation is worse than criminals, as a last try to solve this mystery of murders.

“I know he has a bad reputation, but he gets the job done,  Commissioner,” Derek replied, after a sigh.“Yes sometimes,” Commissioner Gavin began, “But when he doesn’t, He instead messes up twenty other things,” he countered, as Derek just responded with a nod. 

The setting of novel sets in Seattle and India also and leaves the reader in complete excitement and mystery after each chapter. All the characters have their own specific role that revolves around Benjemen, the protagonist, and the six murders. The story gets more intense when after all the struggles, they didn’t even find a single right clue that can lead them to the criminal. But that’s the thing about which officer Benjeman was most famous, he again set the puzzles but this time in his own style and guess what, the results were clear.

Despite of mystery the novel also contains many other interesting elements like adventure, comedy, thrill, and friendship elements. The most fun element is the bickering between the characters, like the following:

“You sound pretty confident for a guy with zero evidence,” And “Please don’t tell me you are here for some chit-chat again,” Ben commented as he saw Coleman enter the office for the third time that day.

“No. We have something important to tell you. If you don’t like my face, hear it from your own Dr. Watson,”

In short, the novel “Six Murders in Seattle” is a full package of thrill and mystery, that you really need to read if you like to read these kinds of novels. So, don’t wait further and go to Daastan’s website and grab your copy.

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حرفِ تمنا از ممتازؔ

اُردو ادب میں شاعری ایک جامع صنف ہے۔ ہر...

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