The Sinking Wedding by Sara Amir

Sara Amir is one of the creative writers in Pakistan. She doesn’t write on ordinary topics. When it is to writing something; she always has an artistic approach, especially to English literature, and that approach can be seen in her latest novel published by Daastan Publishers.

The Sinking Wedding is Sara Amir’s latest work, in which she has used the themes of horror, fiction, mystery, adventure, and friendship as well. The plot is we-knitted and you will feel excitement at the end of each paragraph.

The story begins when a few friends went to a strange town for her friend’s marriage. In that town, there is the soul of the bride named Black Bride, who killed every couple on the day of their wedding. The same happens with that couple as well. But the most amazing thing is the author’s writing style. The dialogue, and scenes of this novel look very natural. Like in the following scene:

Rosa asked who she was but she said in a mysterious voice: “Rosa Markov! Look at this grave”. She looked at it, and on the gravestone was carved, “Rosa Markov”, along with her date of death, the same as her wedding day.

Even though this is not the scene of a horror movie but the author knows how to make horror story scenes. The story does not end here, after the death of that young couple on their wedding day, it becomes more exciting and mysterious.

She was staring at her grave when she heard her voice again, she was again calling her for help. She thought she was hearing things again so she tried to walk away. But a hand came from the grave and grabbed her leg.

In the struggle to save themselves, the novel’s protagonists find a riveting, yet terrifying truth about the killer’s soul. That’s how the story took a turn, surprising readers at every other moment.

If you are a lover of mysterious horror novels then “The sinking wedding” written by Sara Amir, is best for you. It is worth your time and is no less enchanting than a horror movie. So, you just need to go to Daastan’s website and order your copy to read this amazing novel. 

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حرفِ تمنا از ممتازؔ

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