Tell A Tale by Daastan

Daastan hosted yet another literary meetup in Lahore for all our literary fellows out there! Tell A Tale took place over the weekend in Lahore and so many people from all ages joined us. After all, who doesn’t love a good ol’ cup of tea with heart wrenching poetry and jamming to our favorite songs on the first rainy day of the season.

Tell A Tale – Art in its Various Forms

Tell A Tale encouraged everyone to tell their Tale, whatever it is. There were no restrictions about the form an individual wanted to use to tell his tale. We witnessed art in all of its purest forms. Akbar Ali, a student at NCA all the way from Quetta sang a song he had written and left us all completely awestruck. Maisam Abbas and Hafsa Mujadid’s poetry hit home. Many other performances left us feeling the same way: speechless!

Hafsa Mujadid at Tell A Tale

Musical Performance at Tell A TaleMaisam Abbas at Tell A Tale

We Had The Best Open Mic performances

Team Daastan is aware of the immense talent but the lack of time and resources of people around us and so we decided to give everyone a chance! Tell A Tale’s open mic was an opportunity for all those willing to take out a few hours to share something they’ve written and listening to others share a part of themselves. We were overwhelmed by the number of participants who registered to perform their piece. The performances were also not restricted to any one language; English, Urdu and even Punjabi performances rocked the stage. Many talented individuals made the event memorable for each and every one of us!

Evolution of Story-telling Over the Years

A few of our published authors were invited to have a panel discussion about how literature has evolved over the years and what part did storytelling play in their lives. The audience was also engaged in interactive Q&A sessions. We were joined by Saeed Ul Hassan, author of ‘Tawaqufwho shared the story behind his poem ‘Zainab ki muthi’. Ali Sheikh, author of ‘Thousands of Desires’ was also one of our panelists who shared his inspiring story and the theme of his book. Dania Shah from team Adab Karian was also a part of the panel. Dania took the crowd over by her emotional story. Last but not the least, our very favourite author Obien Mayo shared the story of his book ‘Death on Birth‘. We’d like to thank all our authors for showing up and inspiring future writers!

We’re immensely proud of our team for putting together such a wonderful event and we would like to thank all the participants who mustered the courage to come perform and leave us all a piece of their heart. Daastan hopes to continue arranging events like this to provide a platform for all the artists out there!

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