Poster for Future of Publishing In Pakistan
Future of Publishing In Pakistan
Daastan is a premier publishing company in Pakistan. This entrepreneurial venture was put into motion by our CEO and mentor Mr. Ommer Amer. His vision is to make sure that the writing art and potential of Pakistan blooms. Daastan offers publishing services to writers from all walks of life. We aim to make publishing more approachable and streamlind in Pakistan. We offer both E-publishing as well as hard copy printing. Our amazing team members tackle fronts such as designing, marketing and English / Urdu editing.

Traditional Vs. Self Publishing

Still confused? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything. There are two basic types of publishing; traditional and self. Traditional publishing involves giving your content to an agent who then gets it published by a publishing house. This process can take anywhere from six months to a few or more years. Self publishing on the other hand is the process of publishing a book independently. It is a more immediate way of getting your work published and offers more profit to the writer directly compared to traditional processes.

Daastan is a self publishing based platform. We seek to help encourage original talent by making sure artists are compensated fairly. Our motto above all is to revive the dying art of Urdu and English literature in Pakistan.

How to Publish with Daastan

This process is pretty straightforward. All writers need to do is log on to Daastan’s publishing portal Qissa.Daastan tries to keep the process convenient by making all the steps accessible at home. Writers upload their manuscript and book cover. After this our team contacts you and walks you through the process.

Daastan’s Edge on Publishing

You’re probably wondering “why Daastan?”. Let me answer that for you. We stand apart from other publishing houses on many accounts. Our process is as transparent as it gets. There is no tedious paperwork. You don’t have to officially visit our office, although you can still set up an appointment with us. We want our clients to be completely satisfied.

In terms of printing options we offer e-publishing as well as hard copy printing. We strive to cater to our clients needs and facilitate them as much as possible. Printing packages include print-on-demand choices as well. With Daastan you know where your investment is going as there is no middle man.

Our business model is so versatile that there are no limitations in acquiring success. Writers who have already published their work elsewhere can always re-publish with Daastan. Secondly, authors who only want to avail editing and designing options are also entertained. Everyone is welcomed!

We know the impact of intellectual theft and plagiarism and make every effort to safeguard your work.

Our Packages

We believe good reads should be free for all. If you are interested in only reading and accessing content, it’s totally free. But if your agenda is to publish through Daastan, we suggest you subscribe to an annual membership package. Members of the annual package can make a living through their work , our team will work their hardest to make sure we deliver to your expectations.

Package options have been categorized into authors, clubs and publishers. All of these
vary in pricng to assist every author. Check them out here:

Publishing criteria

Limitations don’t exist at Daastan. Professional and new authors both can publish through us. All you really need; your manuscript and book cover. As far as the genres are concerned, we publish everything. Just be sure the content is morally appropriate, and leave the rest to us. We encourage writers to raise their voice to tackle social stigmas. We value our nation along with its youth and want to use our power to help our country excel.

100 Days of Author Marketing

Publishing your first book can be challenging and we understand that. We at Daastan make sure the moment your book steps out in the market, you and your book are known. As soon as an author subscribes to our membership, we devise a 100 day marketing plan that includes various types of activities on social media to ensure that the writer receives the limelight that they deserve! The marketing package is a free of cost service that you receive throughout the year on buying our Annual membership. Check out our happy authors!

Ashhad Qureshi holding his book Mera Jism Mera Hai
Ashhad Qureshi holding his book Mera Jism Mera Hai
Saeed Ul Hasan holding his book Tawaquf
Saeed Ul Hasan holding his book Tawaquf

More than Just Publishing

Daastan has hosted a number of writing campaigns which include topics related to poetry, reproductive health and wellbeing, and domestic issues. We collaborate with other literary bodies to make an impact at national level. Citizens are called out to use their writing skills to make a positive change.
In conclusion, readers and writers are treasured alike. Your interest in literature is all you need to play a part. Come on board with us and help us revive the literary industry of Pakistan. Sign up today!


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