Daastan presents you literary legends of Pakistan. We have compiled a list of ten (10) legends we lost in the year 2015. This effort is a tribute to the invaluable work they did for the Pakistani literature.

About Abdullah Hussain:

Urdu Novelist

In Urdu literary circles that is a familiar name. When a reader comes across the title ‘Udas Naslain’ on a bookshelf then what comes to mind is the philosophy of Mr. Hussain. One of the renowned Urdu novelist of Pakistani literature and the genius behind the very famous Urdu master piece ‘Udas Naslain’.

Abdullah Hussain passed away in Lahore in July, 2015 due to health issues.

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About Ada Jaffri:

Urdu Poetess

She was a Pakistani poet who is regarded as the first major Urdu poet who published as a woman and has been honored with the title “The First Lady of Urdu Poetry“. She presented many wonderful contemporary literary pieces and became popular among critics and general audience. She was also an author and was considered a prominent figure in contemporary Urdu literature.

She died on 12th march, 2015.

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About Ali Sufyan Afaqi:

Urdu Editor

He was the Editor ‘Family’ Magazine of Nawa-i-Waqt Group, senior journalist, eminent writer and film producer. He was the pioneer of ‘Filmy Review’ which he started in ‘Afaq’ under title of ‘Daam-e-Khayal’ and ‘Darechey’. He also contributed as a columnist to Nawa-i-Waqt, Amroz, Ahsan, and Jang daily.

He passed away in January, 2015.

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About Amin Faheem:

Sindhi Poet

Yes the name instantly rings a bell. Although he was a well-known politician, he was a writer at heart. He once said ‘Poetry is my first love. I am still fond of saying verses and reading poetry of others‘. His forte was mystic poetry. His poetry speaks about love, Peace, and simplicity.

We recently lost him on 21st Nov, 2015 due to blood cancer.

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About Ishtiaq Ahmed:

Fiction Writer

Renowned for entertaining people of all ages and particularly enchanting youth with his spy and detective novels. Though the legendary mystery raconteur is no longer among us but his spirit is still alive in ‘Inspecter Jamshed‘ and many other such characters.

Unfortunately we bid farewell to this legend on November 17, 2015 in Karachi, Pakistan.

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About Jameel uddin Aali:

Urdu Poet

Mr. Aali was a well acclaimed Pakistani poet, critic, playwright, essayist, columnist, and scholar. His scholarly spark was the reason for his column’s popularity. He was a master essayist and playwright, and his work is still inspiration for all. His popular patriotic poems are “Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan” and “Aye Watan K Sajeelay Jawaanon“.

We sadly lost this legend on 23rd Nov, 2015.

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About Muhammad Nawaz Khan:

Pashtun Hitorian

Muhammad Nawaz Khan was a famous Pakistani writer, historian, columnist, and poet of the English, Pashto and Urdu languages. This multilingual writer is most recognized for his work as an historian.

He died on 3rd Oct, 2015.

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About Sabeen Mehmud:

Human Rights Activist

Most popular name among the youth, two words best defined this lady i.e. brave and honest. A Pakistani human rights activist and social NGO worker. She devoted her struggles for the rights of minorities. She was founder and director of the Karachi-based cafe The Second Floor (T2F) and president of the Karachi branch of TiE. She continually hosted seminars to shape the perspective of people on positive and liberal grounds.

On 24 April 2015, she was unfortunately shot dead by unidentified gunmen on her way home after hosting a seminar at T2F.

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About Saeed Quershi:

Book Collector

“Saeed Book Bank” a name that have been every student’s companion. He was the owner of the famous Saeed Book Bank. Mr. Qureshi claimed that his bookshop was the largest in South Asia, in terms of space and volume of books.

He passed away in Sep 2015 at a ripe age of 77.

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About Ved Bhasin:

English Journalist

Well known journalist and a respected editor. Popular for his contributions to the Kashmir Times. He boldly voiced his opinion against social injustices and was a strong voice of reason among his many readers.

He died a natural death due to old age in 2015.

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Written By: Narmeen Taimoor Nehal (Daastan Freelance Writer)
Edited By: Tahniat Saba

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