Fabulous Females and Their Famous Books

What better way to bring females to surface than to bring their literature into the light. Women possess a unique quality that gives them leverage; a soft heart and a strong mind. These traits come in handy when a writer has to seize the interest of readers. Be it a biography, a drama script, a crime novel or a romantic one. A female’s version is sure to be fascinating.

Our Favourite Famous Females!

The publishing industry has had its fair share of Females since long now. Female authors have been gaining fame and respect since the last few hundred years. Surprisingly, they wrote on topics that are still of concern today. In the world of today, feminism is a growing act. Some amazing females have played a vital role in bringing forward the delicate and tender side of their stories.

We could go on and on in listing famous female personalities ranging from politicians to entrepreneurs. Let us shed light on a few popular female authors and their famous works.

Arundathi Roy:

Arundathi Roy is an Indian author. Her books are centered around poverty, exploitation and how there is much more than what meets the eye. Arundathi is a political activist whose books have been translated to more than forty languages. Her work is a jolt of lightning shed on the ugly and sad reality of humanity. Some of her brilliant works include:

Elif Shafak:

Elif Shafak is a famous writer belonging to the beloved country; Turkey. While never failing to mention Turkish coffee and rice pudding with pistachios, Shafak unveils the complicated and concerning issues women face in all walks of life. Whether it’s being a victim of injustice or slave to family expectations Elif Shafak has a way with words.

Her views on feminism and love in cultural aspects are norm-breaking. Don’t believe us? Read up in her famous works:

Jane Austen:

One of the most famous novelists in the world, Jane Austen’s work revolved around topics such as marriage, wealth, the British middle class and high gentry. Her writing started blooming in the early 1800s. Jane Austen was unmarried, which was very uncommon for a woman in that era. Although there is no direct evidence that shows what actually happened in her love life, her close depiction of affairs relating to love is proof of heartbreak and pain. Jane has a knack for depicting female characters with interesting personalities in her novels including:

Michelle Obama:

Although Michelle Obama is known as America’s former First Lady, there is a lot more to her. She played a major role in her husband’s career before and after he became president. Michelle is a lawyer and author of many books. She played an active role in supporting poverty awareness, healthy eating and education. Her time as First Lady is documented in an autobiography in which she talks about her role as a mother, her public health campaign and her time in the white house. Her books include:

Bano Qudsia:

Bano Qudsia, born in India, bred in Pakistan was one of our most valuable literary assets. A spouse to Ashfaq Ahmad, Bano was a devoted wife and mother. She wrote a number of novels and plays that were aired on national Television. Bano was awarded Sitara -e-Imtiaz,  Hilal-i-Imtiaz and the Kmal-e-fun award. Her novels include:

Agatha Christie:

One of the best selling fiction writers, as listed in Guinness world records, was a woman. Her work primarily revolved around crime and detective novels alongside famous plays and short stories. Christie loved reading from early on in her childhood. She served some time in a hospital as a nurse which gave her information about different poisons. This proved useful in including them in plot schemes for her books:

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

J.K Rowling:

J.K Rowling holds a dear place in the hearts of children,teens and adults. Rowling has created a whole world with her imagination. From rogue wizards to bizarre candy stores, no detail is spared in completely immersing the reader. Her famous series ‘Harry Potter’ is her most acclaimed work.

When it comes down to history and the modern day, our world would surely lack colour and beauty without the bittersweet existence of famous and unfamous females alike.

Moni Mohsin:

Moni Mohsin is a Pakistani born writer who graduated from Cambridge. She is founder of one of Pakistan’s first nature magazine. Her work revolves around the Pakistani high society, witty women and unforeseen challenges a child may face. Moni is called the ‘Jane Austen’ of the present-day world. Her books are a must-read for people looking for humour, realistic views and real-life challenges.

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