Writer’s Block – How to Cure it Fast

What is Writer’s Block?

This may seem like a fancy term used for lack of idea or inspiration to write something. It is partially true, but on a scientific level, a lot more is involved. Writer’s block is a common occurrence amongst writers. It is described as the inability to write productively during one or more periods. For writers all around this is a frustrating and annoying time. Even songwriters have often complained of this condition. Think of it as a ‘dry spell’. Except it’s for writers.

Historically Documented

This problem has been documented in history. Famous writers have gone through a writer’s block from time to time. They often tried many remedies to help the condition. After no avail, some of them would give up writing altogether. (What a waste of talent right?)

Celebrated writers like Herman Melville as well as Ernest Hemingway complained of writer’s block too. In fact, Herman Melville was so affected by it that he quit writing novels a few years after writing Moby Dick.

What Causes Writer’s Block?

For some, this is caused because by a lack of inspiration which hinders the flow of creative juices in the brain. But for others, it can be caused by several causes such as a physical illness, depression, relationship problems, financial pressure, stress or a feeling of defeat.

Science has suggested that it may not be just a state of mind. A shift of control within the brain caused by stress can be the culprit. Most of the time writers are unaware of this and blame themselves to be ‘creatively blocked’. Other causes such as trauma to the brain and writer’s anxiety have also been linked to writer’s block.

Tips and Techniques to Cope With Writer’s Block:

It is as important to recognize this condition as it is to realize that it is temporary. It may seem very difficult to accept and you might feel like there is no escape. But don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here are a few things you can try out to get inspired and tackle your writing goal like a boss:

  • Take a break: Although it seems trivial, it is quite helpful. Taking time off and recharging your mental energy helps in viewing your work from a fresh perspective.
  • Explore: Visit a part of your city that you haven’t been to. This will get your mind off writing along with enjoying something you haven’t before.
  • Take a walk
  • Try a relaxing hobby: for some this might be baking/cooking something, doodling or drawing, gardening or just having a long conversation with a good friend
  • Read: Got a new book but haven’t found the time to start it yet? Now is a golden opportunity.

 Apart from these, try or keep on practicing any habit that makes you feel relaxed and sound.

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