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After an eventful month at Daastan, we are here with the final episode of Lit’Talks. It has been a great journey exploring different sides of networking through live sessions. In today’s episode, we have with us Pagmasuren Ganbold to talk about the Youth Opportunities available globally. So, let’s dive into episode 10 of Lit’Talks.

Meet Pagmasuren Ganbold

Pagma is an adventurous soul from Mongolia. She is an active member of SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) implementation. As a kid, Pagma described herself as an introvert and a book nerd. However, soon after graduation, her wandering experiences began. It was in fact her time as a wanderer that led her to make drastic career choices. For this self-exploratory journey, Pagma credits her volunteer work. Currently, she is working as an ambassador for Youth Opportunities.

Pagmasuren Ganbold

Importance of Volunteering for Youth

Syed Ommer, CEO Daastan had a really fruitful conversation with Pagma on the subject of volunteer work. They both shared their experiences regarding it and cleared some common misconceptions. For instance, Pagma said that people avoid volunteering because it’s unpaid. Hence, the question here arises, why should one volunteer? According to Pagma, volunteering maybe unpaid but its rewards are priceless. Here’s list of reasons explaining the importance of volunteer work for youth.

  • Contribution to the community
  • Donate for causes through your time and services
  • Networking Purposes
  • Develops personal skills
  • Provides exposure
  • Broadens one’s worldview

Workplaces and educational institutions are not enough for youth to explore their potential, says Pagma. In order to explore themselves, youth must venture into the unknown. For it is outside of immediate environment, people find the opportunity to live up-to their full potential.

“I strongly encourage youth to do volunteer work. As listening to people’s stories can really open one’s eyes.”  – Pagma

During the session, Ommer also talked about his own entrepreneurial journey. For him, it was lots and lots of volunteer work at youth led platforms that prepared him for his role as an entrepreneur in the industry. Therefore, both Pagma and Ommer believe volunteer work to be a learning arch for youngsters.

Looking for Global Opportunities

Ours is a world of information and technology. Pagma believes today’s youth can benefit from this aforementioned fact. She says, the benefits of this era are countless. And among those are millions of networking opportunities available for youth online.

“Those who search for global opportunities will always find them.” – Pagma Ganbold

However, once you find an opportunity make sure to make the most of it, says Ommer. Oftentimes, these opportunities help people find their true calling in life. Pagma and Ommer both advise to keep an open mind, so the process learning teaches you that perspectives can change from time to time depending on the information that is provided to you.

There are numerous platforms that link you with the learning programs happening globally. One of them is Youth Opportunities, whose ambassador is Pagma herself. Through platforms like this, the youth can be a part of:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Fellowships
  • Internships
  • Competitions

Now let’s guide you about some of the pre-requisites of availing these global opportunities. According to Pagma and Ommer, the pre-requisites can range from one’s basic skill set required for a certain opportunity to having fluency in foreign languages as a bonus point.

Empowering Youth

From Pagma’s point of view there’s certainly no guide book that we can give to the youth to lead a ‘successful’ life. In addition to that, every person is unique. So there’s no wisdom in expecting people to behave a certain way. But what we can do is, to empower the youth, says Pagma.

Advice to Youth

Lastly, she raised a very thought provoking point. Along the lines of, “never make decisions in your youth that will restrict you, chain you or put you in a box”.

Daastan hopes you found our Lit’Talks beneficial. Stay tuned for future sessions and learn something new!

Noor Hashmi
Noor Hashmi is a student of literature at Numl University. She is an aspiring poetess. She runs a blog by the name of “Diaries of Huda” sharing her journey through poetry. In her free time, she loves to paint and bake.

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