Is Urdu Poetry a Dying Art?

Poetry has always been the beauty of Urdu Language. Up until a few decades ago, Poetry was a very common form of expression. Urdu Poetry has even played a pivotal role in gaining Independence for Pakistan. Traditionally, Urdu language was the language of communication between various groups of people who invaded and settled in the sub-continent. As the language matured and British came to India, Urdu started to be associated with muslims. Urdu Poetry specifically, offered a very strong sense of identity for the muslim independence fighters.

Is Urdu Poetry Experiencing A ‘Tawaquf’?

Daastan recently conducted a Live Session with our Author Mr Saeed Ul Hassan. Saeed’s book is a collection of Urdu poetry that he published during quarantine. The book is titled Tawaquf and as Saeed explains, It depicts the long awaited Tawaquf that we all needed in our lives. We were joined by two very special guests who are also close friends of Saeed, Dr. Afshan Huma and Mr Arshed Bhatti.

Our Guests

Dr. Afshan Huma is the Head of the Department of Educational Planning Policy Studies and Leadership at Allama Iqbal Open University. She is a Specialist of Curriculum and Policy Analysis. Dr Huma has been working in the field of education since 1998. Her major focus is on inclusion of local voices in curriculum and public policy. Dr Huma also writes blogs at Dunya Pakistan

Mr Arshed Bhatti is a writer and broadcaster. He has written poetry, prose, satire, and songs in English, Urdu and Punjabi. Currently, he is building a web-based media platform Punjabi Talkies, and presents a soft-satire show Punj Mint on YouTube.

We were also joined by our CEO Mr. Ommer Amer.

The Art of Today

Both Dr Huma and Mr. Arshed Bhatti claimed that Urdu Poetry has not died. In fact, Art has only changed its shape and form. Dr. Huma shared her experience of interacting with students. She explained how the younger generation has so much talent and potential, it is only that their way of expressing it has changed. The art of today sees no boundaries. Artists today combine all mediums and produce wonderful content.

Mr. Arshed Bhatti further added to that by highlighting the role of Parents and children’s primary socialisation. Children need to be promoted to explore their potential. According to him, encouragement in childhood is like oxygen for a plant. The more it receives the better it grows.

We further discussed Saeed’s own inspiration for writing and why he chose Urdu poetry to be his first published work. Saeed shared his journey as a writer and how he tries his best to pass on this curiosity in his daughters. Here is the full video of the Live in case you missed it:

Is Poetry a Dying Art?

Posted by Daastan on Saturday, September 12, 2020

Shayari Muqaabla

To celebrate our love for Urdu Poetry and to promote young authors to share their works of art, Daastan has launched Shayari Muqaabla. Shayari Muqaabla is an Urdu Poetry Contest that is open for submissions as of now. All you need to do is write a couplet based on the theme ‘Tawaquf’. This word should be present in your couplet. You can submit up to 3 couplets with your own name. All poetry should be original and your own. Our judge for this contest is Saeed Ul Hasan who’s own book you can order now!

Order Now

So get inspired by the Tawaquf in your life and revive the spirit of Urdu Poetry. Winner will receive a special gift from Daastan!

Submit Your Poetry


Samin Qureshi
Samin Qureshi is an undergraduate Art student at NCA following her passion for writing through various online avenues. Samin takes a keen interest in empowering women and advocating for their rights. In her free time, Samin loves to cook and listen to old music.

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