Why Is English given more value than Urdu?

In this article, we will be going over why is English given more value than our national language, Urdu.  We will also cover how it needs to be revived on a cultural level. English came into a common trend when the amount of Pakistanis immigrating to English speaking countries began rising.  Whatsoever the reason may be i.e. tumbling economy, unemployment, or lack of educational opportunities, immigration to foreign countries is constantly on the rise. In the midst of all this, the importance of our official language shouldn’t be overlooked.

Giving English More Value by Westernizing Our  Culture:

Although change shouldn’t be associated as a bad thing. However, too much of it (especially in the wrong direction) can have some negative impacts. As awareness about western countries and their culture arose, speaking English started to be considered as a trait of high gentry. It also gave the impression of good grooming. Parents opt to put their children in English medium schools where English is given priority over Urdu. Although Urdu classes and exams are conducted in these schools, they are mostly limited to just that. In turn, children have lost interest in Urdu and treat it only as a subject.

Bringing Back Urdu:

As we have established, Urdu needs to live a new life. It needs to be given its fair share of national importance. Simple steps can be taken by individuals and parents to gain hold over our national language. Urdu is rich and vibrant along with being closely related to Persian. Students and parents should be encouraged by teachers to try and thrive in Urdu alongside English. Bilingual people are considered to have a good intellect 

Making it Interesting:

Urdu doesn’t have to be boring or uninteresting. Urdu prose and literature is equally rich and intriguing. History is witness to the works of Urdu poets and authors such as Allama Iqbal, Mirza Ghalib, Ashfaq Ahmad, Bano Qudsia, and many others.

These famous writers arent only popular for adult literature but have timeless pieces written for children as well. Allama Iqbal’s famous poems in his book ‘Baang-e-Daraa’ are a source of enchantment and amusement to children. Bachay ki Dua, Makra aur Makhi, Maa ka Khwab, and many more are included in this compilation. 

English is a global language, which every individual needs to learn at some point in time. This doesn’t mean we should get carried away in the process and end up forsaking our national language. In conclusion, Urdu should be given emphasis. Our ancestors fought hard for our country. We should honor their sacrifices by doing justice to the values of our nation.

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