Pakistani World Record Holder: Saad Munawar

Pakistan is a nation who has had its fair share of tragedic history when the Muslims of Hindustan fought for a separate nation. Many of whom gave their lives. Although it seems as if we have done no justice to these sacrifices, people like Saad Munawar constantly remind us of our amazing capabilities, and how there is so much hope for our country,

Who is Saad Munawar?

Saad was Daastan‘s travel ambassador and also a part of the judges’ panel for our events. We want to pay tribute by drawing attention to his record-setting achievement. Saad has also published two books. This young passion-driven gentleman traversed through three of the highest mountain ranges in a span of only 23 days. He did so in the company of his trusted friend, Qudrat Ali.

Setting a World Record:

It’s true that success doesn’t come easy, but those willing to do what it takes know that it will be well worth it in the end. They have a bigger picture in mind. The same goes for Saad. They travelled through the three mountain ranges; the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindukush.  After days of trekking with swollen joints, bruises and unforgiving weather, they finally made it.

Saad set up a final basecamp at the east side of Tirch Mir mountain, they had the choice of naming it and decided to do so after Imtiyaz Ahmad. Imtiyaz lost his life on the expedition a few weeks prior to Saad’s triumph. 

“To get what no one has ever gotten, you have to give what no one has ever given.” -Qudrat Ali

What Saad Munawar Taught Us:

Saad has inspired us to believe that even a mountain(literally a mountain) can’t stop you from achieving something once you put your mind and strength to it. It’s true, we can’t stop singing Saad’s praises, but after accomplishing such a huge task, this patriot deserves it. He has truly raised the bar on an international level. We wish Saad equivalent forms of success in his future endeavours.

We at Daastan urge our youth to keep putting forward more exemplary achievements like this. Not only will we truly reach our potential, but our country’s struggles and sacrifices will finally bear fruit. Join us on our mission and become a part of our family today!


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