Mera Jism Mera Hai by Ashhad Qureshi

Mera Jism Mera Hai by Ashhad Qureshi is an illustrated children’s book in Urdu, the first of its kind in Pakistan, that helps children and parents navigate the complex conversations around body boundaries, personal space, and safety planning as it pertains to child sexual abuse prevention. It is a product of years of research and field-testing and has been vetted by mental health professionals, public health experts, health workers, and members of the community to ensure its language, content, and style of delivery are culturally sensitive and appropriate for children.

Daastan believes that this book must reach as many children as possible. We encourage you to buy the book not only for your children but also children who cannot afford the book. You may donate the book to government schools or nonprofit organisations working for the education of underprivileged children in our society. The main aim is to educate our children so that they are equipped to protect themselves from unwanted touches and reach out for support if they need to.