Write 4 Peace – A Letter Writing Movement

Write 4 Peace – A Letter Writing Movement

It is true that political, social or religious differences must be accommodated. Borders are drawn to avoid conflict and allow people to live in a peace. Geographical divisions may seem like a progressive idea today. However, decision makers do not and can not speak for all people. Amidst these divisions, ties of love, friendship and generational attachments have to be torn. These barbed wires that mark borders, scratch and wound those who have to cross them over.

We can’t possibly mend the 73 year old political enmity, but we can surely rise above these institutional differences and talk about our narrative. The narrative of the marginalized ones. Perhaps the most marginalized in the division of sub-continent were all those who could not cease to love and feel for their lost comrades.

An Attempt at making Peace Across Borders

To establish and spread the narrative of the literati in both countries, Daastan from Pakistan and White Falcon Publishing from India, initiated a Letter writing movement. We invited writers to send in their letters to express their concerns for regional peace. Writers could write in prose or poetry. Daastan received letters in Urdu, English and Hindi, following the main theme: regional peace.

Our Contribution

We, at Daastan, received letters from all across Pakistan. We were amazed by the energetic response by the talent in our country. All these letters were extremely emotional and beautiful. Our team was deeply touched by the effort put in by the talented writers from all around Pakistan. The aim behind this movement was to simply acknowledge the fact that no matter how these divisions have shaped our history and geography, love and friendship can break all walls. These letters and their writers are legitimate representatives of peace from both countries. The powerful voices that echo from our television screens, can not mute the narrative of peaceful co-existence.

Chitthi Sarhad Paar Sey

The best letters from the numerous entries were compiled in a book titled ‘Chitthi Sarhad Par Sey . It is available on MeraQissa. You can read the book here.

Book cover of Chitti Sarhad Parr Say

We aim to keep connecting readers and writers in an attempt to grow and engage in literary activities. If you share our love and passion of literature, sign up with us at Daastan and let us grow together!