A Year in Review: Dominating All Forms of Media in 2017

A Year in Review: Dominating All Forms of Media in 2017

The year of 2017 was ripe with opportunities and avenues leading our company to the forefront, and we caught the eyes of all those who at any point had undermined or rejected us. Right in the middle of the year, our company Daastan’s legal status was updated to Private Limited, and it was followed by the highlight of winning an investment of 25,00 USD on the show ‘Idea Croron Ka’, which aired internationally on Neo Tv. From openings in the industry popping up and being grabbed by our team, to setting trends and defining newer and wider boundaries for ourselves, it was a year that brought to us all that we had imagined in our wildest dreams and more.

Daastan on the news:

From the very beginning of the year, we were featured in multiple news websites, such as ProPakistani, and Upstart and StartupRadar for having bagged a spot in the accelerator program of Telenor Velocity. This was followed by a very special news feature in TechJuice which covered the book launch of our very first crowdfunded author and the details on how team is striving day in and day out to reshape the literary industry. This was followed by an onslaught of features, from EduGrid, PakPositivie, to JournalPost and ParhLo – the word about Daastan was out and there was no stopping it. A very pleasant surprise came after the mid-year mark when we started receiving the attention of the higher end internationally viewed news sites such as Tribune and Dunia News as well. Not only this, but a section of print newspaper was also dedicated to Daastan helping emerging authors get themselves published, all the way in India.

Daastan’s Members Shining:

Later in the year, our youngest crowd funded author Ms. Laiba was interviewed on a nationally broadcasted Pakistani news channel, followed by a news segment on Neo TV which included snippets of a talk given by our Director Content Ms. Aimen in the Karachi Press Club. One of our authors Mr. Omar was also interviewed on Radio FM91, and our Founder Mr. Syed Ommer Ammer was invited to a radio show ‘Aao Baat Karain’ as a guest, which was hosted by Miss Sadia Usman and co-hosted by Mr. Abdul Majeed Weesar who has more than 20 years of experience in Radio Pakistan.

A whole delegation from Daastan, consisting of Mr. Nauman Shahid, Ms. Tehreem Hassan, Ms Aroosa Mushtaq and the Ommer, was invited as guests in ‘World This Morning’ show by Shahzad Khan, aired on PTV World. Each shared their own unique perspective on the workings of Daastan to help spread the word and encourage more writers to join us.