Stories From The Valleys Of Kashmir To Punjab

Our journey as one of the only reliable and quality assured self-publishing platforms in Pakistan has been an extraordinarily rewarding one. We have been the choice of writers of so many brilliant stories from all across the country. Authors from 17 countries across the globe have chosen Qissa to publish their work till now. Our platform now features stories in more than two languages, and 13 genres. The way Qissa scaled and became global in the span of just a couple years stunned us, and heartened us even more, to keep pursuing our dream of providing publishing services that were easier, faster, cheaper, and helped us materialize the dreams of our writers.

The Stories That Built Our Story

During all this time, we have also had the opportunity to discover young potential. Qissa has published stories of writers as young as 19 years old from KPK, and 15 years old from Sindh. Both the writers received special marketing from the forum Daastan. By reading their stories, many others were inspired to write and publish themselves.

Youngest Author from Punjab:

Another such whiz-kid was Ms. Sameen Irshad, who published her book “My Were-Story” at the age of 14, becoming the youngest author published through Daastan from Punjab. Her novel was 50,000 words long, and for a teenager it was extremely well written. The novel was based on the fantasy genre, featuring real life and legendary myths of werewolves. The team campaigned extensively for her crowdfunding, to bring her story to print.

A 14 year old, Ms. Sameen, authors a 50,000 words novel – My Were- Story

The Next Khalid Hosseini:

Next in line came the youngest author of Kashmir, a 22-year old lady named Ms. Ayesha Siddique, who wrote a story based in Afghanistan titled “The Freezing Point”. With accurate eerie imagery and use of Pashto language for someone who had neither visited the country, nor could speak the language. Her novel was remarkable in its writing style as it brought to mind the approach of the best-selling author Khalid Hosseini. It was a heart wrenching coming of age story, that highlighted the way terrorism and extremism had ravaged what was before a country that housed beauty. The author’s work was brought to print through crowdfunding. Her experience with Daastan was so amazing that she immediately decided to publish her second book on Qissa , when it was ready. 

Ms. Ayesha becomes our youngest author from Kashmir

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