Achievement Award Presented to Author Mehrban Ali

Achievement Award Presented to Author Mehrban Ali

On 8th July, 2019, a literary event was held at the Hyderabad Press Club, honoring the achievement of the young author Mehrban Ali. At only 31 years of age, Mehrban Ali has authored a startling number of 50 successful books. His works record the lives of many Islamic and historic personalities including Shams Tabraiz, Hazrat Fatima, Baba Bullay Shah, Hazrat Hussain, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal. He has also written on the events of Islam’s most prominent battles and religious phenomenon such as the interpretation of dreams and astrology.

Pakistan’s Youngest Author Mehrban Ali Publishes 50 Books

Mehrban Ali is a motivational speaker, a social worker and a writer. His works can be found on his website and YouTube channel where he publishes religiously informative videos. At a young age, Mehrban Ali is a social entrepreneur and has paved the way for the upcoming young generation. 

Award Function At Hyderabad Press Club

The event was attended by renowned names of the Sindhi and Pakistani literary industry including Naseer Mirza, Shafih Warsi and Ali Gul. Attendants wore representative Ajrak shawls and gave their views about Mehrban Ali’s work. They encouraged the young writer’s efforts and congratulated him on his achievement of writing 50 books. Mehrban Ali was acknowledged as an entrepreneurial force in the industry and a motivation for young writers all around Pakistan. His work is a milestone, especially in the Islamic literature and is available in both English and Urdu to reach bigger audiences.

Mehrban’s Message

Speaking to the audience, Mehrban Ali said that his books contain the message of love, peace and brotherhood. His works are research based and inspired by the teachings of his grandfather and great grandfather.  The audience greatly appreciated his address. Guest of Honour Salamat Feroz– a well-known Sindhi musician- termed the ceremony to be a spiritual event. Lastly, Mehrban Ali was presented an achievement award for being Pakistan’s Youngest Writer to publish 50 books.

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