You already know by now, how obsessed we are with Book Launches. A group of people, all book lovers, gather around to celebrate the launch of a new book! What else can be more exciting? Our recent Book Launch was almost the best example of a growing literary space in Pakistan. Our talented writer, Dr. Shehzad Ali Baloch launched his book titled ‘Laboratory Interpretation on Fingertips‘. Here is a small flashback of the event.

Poster for Book Launch of Laboratory Interpretation of Fingeritps

How We Celebrated!

On 18th March 2020, we celebrated the launch of Dr Shehzad Baloch’s book ‘Laboratory Interpretation on Fingertips‘ at Qazi Mazhar Auditorium, Indus Medical College in Sindh. The event was attended by teachers and students. The honorable guest for the event was the Vice Chancellor of Indus Medical College. Through this platform, students interacted with professors and the writer himself in order to learn about the book. We love the literary aura of such gatherings where one can learn from the experiences of fellow writers and teachers. Read Book here :

Why Do We Need A Book Launch?

First and foremost, however effective social media marketing may be, word-of-mouth and physical interaction with your target audience is the best way to channel your message. Apart from spreading your message, events like these are highly informative and interactive. People who genuinley crave to learn will attend such an event consequently, producing a very filtered audience to engage with. If you have published your book, you should market it well, and the first step to market is a book launch!

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