If there is one thing that Daastan’s founder, Mr. Syed Ommer Amer, has always been proud of, it is his exceptional team. Singular in passion, and absolutely awe inspiring, his team has been exceptional when it comes to helping Daastan achieve its goals. Mr. Ommer attributes Daastan’s continuous success to his brilliant team, that never fails to amaze him and has never let him down.

Meet Our Team

Ms. Mahnoor Naseer:

The first core member we will celebrate here is Mahnoor Naseer. Mahnoor’s journey with Daastan began when she applied to be a part of the debut batch of the Literary Fellowship. Throughout the fellowship, she showed more great potential. Upon graduating she launched a global digital platform for artists to share their work, called “The Ancient Souls”. Mahnoor helped Daastan set up our operations across the border in India, and eventually rose to the level of Editor in Chief with her constant struggles to aid Daastan. An electrical engineer by profession, she has never let her degree limit her to one field of expertise and has self-taught herself to be a storyteller, a poet, and a transcriptionist. Recently, she has had the honor of being selected as a Citizen Historian for the 1947 Partition Archive, which is a non-governmental and non-political organization working on the preservation and archival of the stories of people who were displaced in the 1947 partition.

Ms. Momina Latif:

The second member to be brought to the spotlight is Momina Latif, the design lead at Daastan. Momina is also Co-founder Jadugar and co., a company which provides corporate design solutions to products and brands. She is the brains and creative head behind most of the book covers published through Qissa. Moreover, she has provided Daastan with some sensational social media designs over the years. Momina has been selected as a mentee for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, a program held in London which gives professional training to help develop women’s small, and medium enterprises into growing sustainable empires. She will be receiving training from the world’s best entrepreneurs in the world, who will teach her how to unlock her hidden potential and scale to newer heights.

Ms. Momina Latif selected as a mentee in Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Ms. Sidra Amin:

The last, but essentially the most important one, is Sidra Amin. To sum her up in just a few lines would not be possible, but to name a few of her accomplishments – she is the Co-Founder Daastan, the person who has put piece upon piece together to bring the company where it stands now. Ms. Sidra Amin is also Co-Founder Words and Metaphors, KPK’s first spoken word platform, as well as Co-Founder Peshawar Book Club, which holds monthly meetings and discusses each book chosen in depth. Sidra is a mechatronics engineer by profession, and an expert at surprising everyone with all that she can achieve. She has lately been interviewed by Dergi, a lifestyle magazine which has a reach of more than 5000 across social media. In the interview, she talks about her inspirations, and how to create the magic that we see sparking off of her. She has also been invited as a speaker of the WomenWill panel at BizFest Peshawar.

Ms. Sidra Amin, invited as a speaker in Peshawar BizFest 2018

We are proud of these immensely talented women who have worked hard to establish Daastan. It is this combined effort that has given Daastan its wings. The secret to our success is definetely our team to whom all the credit goes! We also thank you for your constant support and welcome you to join us in our cause of putting a book in each hand!