Pakistan’s publishing industry is growing at a fast pace. Among the few things that limit our development, resources for writers is at the top of the list. Daastan is working tirelessly to produce and provide resources for writers so as to better equip them in writing. Through extensive research, our team has produced a number of programs that can help writers in writing and publishing their work. From brainstorming to financial support – we have got your back!

Resources for Writers

Here are 3 main resources for writers that we are currently offering :

1. Book Writing Course

We offer a customized book writing course as per your needs. In a one-to-one session, twice or thrice weekly, we help writers with all the basic and advanced book writing skills that they require. It may start from scratch with basic writing and grammar skills, or simple editing and story narration skills, depending upon individual needs. We cater to all sorts of writers with whatever level of learning they may choose.

Poster for Mentoring Sessions
Book Writing Course for Writers

2. Book Resources/Book Recommendations

At Daastan, we firmly believe in reading to improve writing. Good writers are always good readers. However, one thing good readers are always short of, are book recommendations. Through our Instagram, we feature weekly book recommendations with the hashtag #recommendaweekend. Secondly, we are building a book resource with the best book recommendations for readers of all types. The book resource will cater to three bands of readers, Level 1 being beginners and Level 3 – mature readers. The resource will also be divided into genres so that readers can choose the best suited book for themselves.

Poster for #recommendaweekend
#recommendaweekend Book reviews and recommendations

3. Crowdfunding

Another vital resource that Daastan offers is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the process through which Daastan appeals readers to pre-order your book before it is printed, to cover the printing expenses. With Pre-order money, the book goes into print and the writer does not have to worry about printing costs. Daastan has currently published a dozen books through crowdfunding. If your manuscript is ready, nothing can halt your book from getting published!

Writer's Resource - Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding – Resource for writers

If you are a writer who is looking for the first step to begin your journey as an author, we are the perfect choice for you. From writing to funding and publishing, we take care of all your needs. Sign up with us today and never stop dreaming!