Only three short and sweet months into the launch of Qissa, Daastan’s Facebook family grew to ten thousand strong. It was a momentous achievement for us. Not only were we touching the lives of thousands of people offline, but our reach had also crossed the 5-digit mark. The team that worked day and night felt invincible, and were aiming for heights that grazed the highest of mountains and then went a bit further. Along with the feeling of happiness though was attached a feeling of responsibility. The executives of the company understood that from then onward, each post that they would make and every little thing they would share with their community would have to be one which contributed positively in the life of all their readers.

What our Facebook Featured:

And thus, began the second phase in the journey of Daastan growing its Facebook family. The page not only served as the central social media hub for Daastan, apart from its websites, but was also used as a breaking-news room for the company. It would feature all the news of happenings from both inside and outside Daastan, letting their community know about each of their achievements. The crowd funding campaigns that Daastan became famous for, and which helped bring the work of their authors to print, were also all held on Facebook.

It served as a way for the company to interact with their community, and eventually social media representatives were hired that would post questions and anecdotes that helped keep the conversation flowing. Daastan also utilized this resource by sharing each and every opportunity that came their way through their friends, and made it a platform to watch out for if someone was on the lookout for openings. Daastan coined its very own hashtags such as AchievementUnlocked, which was later adopted by many companies for sharing their accomplishments with their social media gang. And so, a couple years after the first monumental breakthrough in the numbers of followers, Daastan saw that their reach had doubled to twenty thousand. Looking back now, it seems that it wasn’t only their numbers that grew so remarkably, but also their impact. 
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