Over the past one year of operation, Qissa has had the honor of publishing both young and old, of re-securing rights to previously published works and finding diamonds in the rough through the biannual conduction of the competition, The Stories Untold, and helping writers launch their writing careers by publishing their books both digitally as well as in print. The team believes that the younger ones who found their way to Daastan and got published, will turn into exceptionally brilliant best-selling writers because of their head start on those who never had the opportunity to share their stories with the public. And those who finally had the opportunity, albeit later in life, to publish their work – would bring an enormous amount of wisdom and knowledge to Qissa, sharing it with the world through us.

Ms. Faiza Kayani:

One such exceptional case was that of Ms. Faiza Kayani. A Sargent in the armed forces, Ms. Faiza joined Daastan to publish her debut Urdu poetry book “Muhabbat Gustakh Hoti Hay”. Her book was a wonderfully written piece which recounted the story of the numerous hardships and challenges she had faced throughout her life, and everything she counted on to keep her going. Born in a military background, her love to join the armed forces dominated everything in her life, and she finally achieved her dream by working harder than she had for anything ever. When she reached out to Daastan, she was serving as a commando in the Pakistan Army.

Muhabbat Gustakh Hoti Hay, Authored by Ms. Faiza Kayani

What Made Writing of the Book Possible:

Being a fine public speaker throughout her years of schooling, writing and poetry came naturally to her, and it is visible in the passionate way she expresses her feelings. Her book is about all the hindrances that a girl faces in our society, and provides motivation to the reader to rise above them and never bow down to anything that limits them. She encourages girls to specially to read her book, as she knows they will be able to understand and connect with her journey on an emotional level. If you are a girl, then this is something which you would be able to connect with on a very spiritual level.
Her book raised 15,000 PKR through crowdfunding and was brought to print through us. If you have a manuscript that you want us to publish, reach out to us at our Facebook page or on our Website.