The team at Daastan has always been a staunch believer in the power of education. Each person who was selected by the Founder, Mr. Ommer, was thoroughly filtered and judged to ensure that the person joining us would be exceptionally qualified, no matter which field they belonged to. Daastan has always rooted for happenings that brought with themselves the promotion of education in various different forms. It has engaged its community in hundreds of opportunities which would help them learn and grow, and also shared with them openings in schools, internships, fellowships, etc.

Our Role:

Daastan has also had a role to play in direct educational activities such as a storytelling drive conducted at a school to help spread and teach moral values. It has also provided adjudicates to various schools and universities all over the country who would guide the students regarding the skills they wished to learn. With such a history, when the team of Daastan got the chance to partner with an organization that worked for the promotion of inclusive education for differently abled kids, they were more than willing to contribute. The non-governmental organization, that went by the name of LIFE Welfare Foundation, required professional assistance in event management and content writing for World Disability Day.

Our Founder, Syed Ommer Amer hosting the event of World Disability Day

LIFE’s Event:

The event had student representatives from multiple schools for disabled children in Wah Cantt, such as Rise and Shine School as well as Young Muslim Inclusive Education. The program was held at POF Hotel, Wah Cantt and was hosted by Mr. Syed Ommer Amer himself. Mr. Ommer talked about the importance to enabling these children with basic life tools and providing them a chance at equal opportunities. The faculty also informed the general audience about the importance of inclusive education, and the practical steps taken by these schools to address the education of differently abled children. An awareness walk was conducted in which the faculty and students of these institutions participated, holding up banners and placards to help spread mindfulness regarding this issue and build an understanding in the public for it.

An awareness walk regarding World Disability Day conducted by Daastan, in Wah Cantt.

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