Daastan’s Freelance Wing:

Over the course of 2016, along with developing its businesses and improving by leaps and bounds, Daastan also had the opportunity to launch “Daastan Freelance Writers”. It was a closed beta version wing of the company providing content solutions to clients who required professionally written content that spoke for itself. This was among Daastan’s various innovative initiatives targeted to revolutionize and therefore make easier the process of writers earning a livelihood for themselves through paid writing gigs, and thus gaining financial independence through their writings. At its peak, this wing had over 70 writers working on a daily basis, who had a combined skill set of 20 plus genres. On average, Daastan Freelance Writing Wing generated almost 5,000 words daily, for more than 5 clients.

Eventually, Daastan had the privilege of signing a contract with Startup.pk. A firm which aims to empower entrepreneurs much like ourselves and provide them with a platform to build their skills, knowledge, exchange opportunities, resourceful connections, and mentoring and training services which eventually helps them scale and build strong entrepreneurial thinking as well as linkages in the industry.

Daastan’s Partnership with Startup.pk:

Daastan’s involvement with Startup.pk ensured its own advancement, as its writers started gaining exposure and became a direct part of Pakistan’s start-up culture, which not only encouraged their entrepreneurial thinking and innovation but also groomed them and their writing skills into becoming more professional, refined, and diverse. Daastan encourages all of its writers into joining its professional team, and makes certain that all those with fine-tuned capabilities are revealed to the world and their talents exhibited in relevant areas. The directors have over time realized that not everyone wants to write stories; many writers simply require an avenue which will provide them with paid work.

How can you become a part of the team?

To cater to this, the executives decided to strengthen their freelance platform to provide more of such opportunities to local writers. To join, you can simply sign up on Qissa – all you only need to have the strong will to showcase your abilities, followed by the capacity to work and make sure you are seen for all your potential. Daastan’s partnership with Startup.pk is neither the first, nor will it be the last of its kind, as we are constantly striving to bring bigger and better opportunities to our team. If you own a business, and require quality content solutions, talk to us of your needs by emailing us at merasawal@daastan.com, or contacting us through our website and we will be sure to whip up writings customized to your requirements.